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Seattle Genealogical Society Publications

The Seattle Genealogical Society publishes the Journal of the Seattle Genealogical Society biannually and SGS eNews! semimonthly. Additionally, SGS publishes books of records and subjects relevant to genealogical research. Publications, including back issues of the SGS Journal, are available to researchers at the SGS Library and are available for purchase.

The Seattle Genealogical Society Editorial Staff welcomes your articles and contributions of original material you compile and write, including citations on how you found the information. We also will consider material previously published, if the sources and date of publication are indicated, and it includes the publication's address.

Editing: Submissions will be reviewed and edited for style and length as needed. Help is available for inexperienced writers. Original manuscripts cannot be returned, so keep a copy for your records. Plesae see our writing guidelines for more information.

Area and eras: The SGS Journal main focus is on earlier Pacific Northwest regional material. However, articles from across the country and around the world also will be considered, as well as articles detailing more current events.

Source ideas: Family records (Bible, letters, diaries, scrapbooks), family and community records (burials/obituaries, passenger lists, directories, transcription of previously unpublished records), public records (vital statistics, census, probate, land, immigration), original compositions telling of your research experiences, genealogically oriented tours, hints for fellow researchers, or an unusual research problem and how you solved it.

Copy preparation: Unless previously arranged with the Director of Publications, all submissions should be electronically delivered to

Advertising: SGS Journal advertising rates can be obtained from the Society office. The Seattle Genealogical Society has accepted advertisements in the SGS Journalin good faith; however, it cannot be responsible for this advertising and suggests caution as should be given any other private business transaction.