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The Seattle Genealogical Society, founded in 1923, is an educational organization devoted exclusively to furthering genealogical research, promoting interest in family history, and preserving records. The Seattle Genealogical Society's mission is to serve as a community resource for quality genealogical research and education.
We conduct meetings, offer classes and seminars, compile and publish research materials, and maintain a computer-equipped, 15,000-item library open to the public for researching family history. Wherever your ancestors lived, please consider joining us. Visit our library and check out our resources covering every U.S. state and many countries. Check out our Calendar to see the range of programs and classes we offer.
SGS members!  Ballots for the SGS Board 2018-2019 election have been sent via email!
Check your email for your ballot to select the 2018-2019 officers of the Seattle Genealogical Society. We are beta testing electronic voting. If it is successful, the SGS by-laws will be modified and we will continue to vote electronically. If you choose to opt out of electronic voting and wish to receive a printed ballot, do not hesitate to call the SGS Library, (206) 522-8658, to request one. Voting will be closed the end of April. 
If you think you haven’t received a ballot, please make sure to check your Promotions folder (if you use Gmail) or your spam folder.
Thank you!
Register now for the SGS Spring Seminar!


Join Karin Borgerson for an online three-part Introduction to DNA for Genealogy. The course is conducted via video chat. 

  • Week 1: Why use DNA in your genealogy research? Learn about the different types of DNA tests and what you can learn from each. 
  • Week 2: Beyond the pie chart: Explore how autosomal tests like AncestryDNA and 23andMe (and several others) can help you learn about all of the branches of your family tree—there’s more to it than the ethnicity estimates! 
  • Week 3: A closer look at Y-DNA; tools and resources for learning more. 

Fee: $30 for SGS members: $40 for all others 

Register here: is external) 
At “New or Renewing Membership” select: DNA Class – SGS Member ($30) or DNA Class -All others ($40) 
Registration is processed in order received. 
Course limit: 14 
Questions: email Karin – sends e-mail) 

Do you have an interesting genealogical story to tell?

The SGS Publications Committee invites you to submit articles to the Journal of the Seattle Genealogical Society. We look for articles about genealogical research and family history that are of interest to our members. We welcome submissions from all areas of genealogy. Some possibilities include memoirs, research articles, how-to and problem solving articles, and genealogical technology. Book reviews, historical photographs, and blog posts are also welcome. 
Help is available for inexperienced writers!  
Submissions or questions to:

SGS has both a Facebook Page and a closed Facebook Group. Like us on Facebook and check in for updates and information.  Want to connect conversationally with the SGS membership online? Join our Facebook Group - Facebook account and join request required.